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Our Classes

What is Classical Pilates?

Classical Pilates is the original form of Pilates  in the truest most authentic form, as intended and practiced by Joseph Pilates. It has since been directly passed on to his chosen successor and first generation trainer, Romana Kryzanowska.


The exercises are designed to build a more balanced body by increasing muscle strength and flexibility, restoring the full range of movement for the joints, while also decreasing stress levels with coordinated breathing.

What Are the Benefits?

Pilates teaches balance and control of the body, capacities that have a beneficial effect on other areas of one's life.


Practiced consistently, Pilates yields numerous benefits: increased lung capacity and circulation through deep, coordinated breathing; strength and flexibility, particularly of the abdomen and back muscle; improved posture, joint health, and balance; and many practitioners experience positive body awareness for the first time.

What to Expect?

The Classical Pilates Method comprises of over 500 exercises (don't worry you will not do them all in one session!), performed using a mat and/or special spring resistance equipment.


A typical programme begins with clearly explained movements, each of them being correctly aligned in order to isolate specific key muscles. As you advance, more complex movements and equipment are incorporated.


Our sessions are held on a one-to-one basis only, allowing us to tailor the workout to your fitness level, objectives, and schedule. Please wear appropriate exercise attire; socks are required.

Equipment We Use

Our studio is equipped by Gratz apparatus. Gratz is the industry's established source for authentic Pilates equipment as it uses the exact same design that was originally developed and used by Joseph Pilates.


Gratz equipment are recognised as being one of the best, and with the specific design and size requirements it helps people reach a higher level of understanding of the Pilates Method.

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